Peak Times for Fall Color Across Michigan

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While every season in Michigan has something to appreciate, the multi-colored beauty of fall is truly magical.
If you’re planning a fall color tour, you’ll want to know when your destination will hit its peak color. Although the timing of the most vibrant fall colors varies from year to year, this chart provides peak color times in the state for 2023:
Western Upper PeninsulaLate September to early October
Mid-Upper Peninsula and northern lower MichiganEarly October
Most of Mid- to southern Lower PeninsulaEarly to mid-October
Lower Peninsula’s West Coast and parts of the East CoastEarly- to mid- October
*Color change in Great Lakes shoreline areas is typically 1-week behind inland areas
The U.S. Forest Service tracks the progression of fall color across the country. The best fall color happens when days are clear and sunny and nights are cool.
The color develops as the trees break down the chlorophyll to prepare for winter. Pigments of the red, yellow, orange, and purple colors you see in the fall are always present in the leaves, but are overpowered by the green of the chlorophyll. As the green goes away with the chlorophyll, we’re left with beautifully vibrant landscapes before the leaves drop.
Pure Michigan has a fall color map to help you plan your trip. If you’re planning to check out the fall colors this year, tell us your favorite Michigan destinations in the comments.
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