Amazing Autumn scenery, forests with lake, Fall colors, Aerial view.

Peak Times for Fall Color Across Michigan

The beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves of fall are almost here! Find out when you should plan your color tour to make the most of the autumn splendor.

Tranquil scene with Adirondack chairs looking over a lavender field with blue sky and white clouds in Michigan

Michigan Bucket List: Where to Visit Lavender Farms 

Lavender lovers know these dainty blue-purple flowers have a heady scent. Choose one of these lavender farms to add to your Michigan bucket list this summer.

Traverse City Cherry Festival

Michigan Bucket List: National Cherry Festival in Traverse City

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City is a summer bucket list event to celebrate one of Michigan's largest agricultural industries.

Multiracial woman meditating outdoors

Meditation Garden: Everything You Need to Create Your Own 

As more people lean into meditation, here’s what to know about creating your own meditation garden.

A farmer's market vendor and customer discuss produce.

10 Questions You Should Ask at the Farmers Market

Just because something is sold from a stall doesn’t mean it’s necessarily organic, hormone-free or even local. That’s why it’s important to ask questions.

Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?

Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?

On top of growing your own food and plants, you could be relieving stress and improving your attention span every time you get in the garden.

A mother and daughter enjoy a meal of chicken wings together.

Mother’s Day 2023: Michigan Events to Celebrate with Mom This Year 

From Detroit to Holland to Kalamazoo, there are Mother’s Day markets, outdoors events and live shows happening all over Michigan in 2023.

Playing In The Park With Mum

Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds Around the State 

Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds Around the State

Vvolunteering, charity, cleaning, people and ecology concept - Mother and son volunteers with garbage bags cleaning area in park. Young volunteers cleaning up the forest together

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Across Michigan 

Earth Day is approaching. How will you be celebrating our planet?

Child and mother gardening in vegetable garden in the backyard

5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready to Plant in May 

Gardeners, start your green thumbs. It’s almost time to start planting.

Woman wipes down her keyboard at her work station while spring cleaning

6 Things You’re Forgetting to Spring Clean

There may be some parts of your life that may be more cluttered than you realize – and causing you stress. Here are six things to spring clean.

A Grandmother works with her daughter and grandchild to cut and prepare some fruit and vegetables

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Produce 

Getting your kids excited about produce has a lot to do with how parents approach it, and how you add in the fun.

a 2 year old toddler gardening with watering can

How to Teach Kids Easy Container Gardening in 4 Steps 

Teaching kids container gardening can help them create a great relationship with fresh foods and healthy eating.

Portrait of a young African American woman watering plants and enjoying

Why Indoor Plants Are Good for Your Mental Health 

Ready to lower your blood pressure and feel more relaxed? Invest in a few new indoor plants.

Winter day by fireplace

The Psychology Behind String Lights: Why They Can Make You Feel Better 

From outdoor cafes to teens’ bedrooms, little strings of lights are popping up everywhere. What is it about them that makes you feel better?

Window Shopping in the City

Michigan Christmas Bucket List  

Here are some of our favorite holiday activities around the state that you and your family can do this holiday season.

Smiling young woman wrapping Christmas presents with recycled paper

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 

Ready to save money and go easy on the Earth this season? Buy your friends and family sustainable gifts.


Meditation for Mindfulness and Mental Clarity 

Meditation, mindfulness and mental clarity may be just what the doctor ordered as we head into this busy holiday season.

Mia poses with a basket full of tomatoes from her garden

Mia Gallucci: Growing a Green Thumb

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about her latest hobby — vegetable gardening — and the trials and triumphs she encountered over the summer.

Whether you want to find a healthy meal or get active, the Detroit community has something for you.

Free Healthy Activities Around Detroit 

Looking for some free, fun, family-friendly activities to engage in this summer? These six Detroit destinations could satisfy your itch.

BruceMichael Wilson

Black Farmer Teaches Benefits of Organically Grown Produce 

Bruce-Michael Wilson rarely was sick as a child. He attributes his healthy childhood to eating what was grown on his family’s Michigan farm.

The weather is about to heat up and the kids are about to be home from school, so parents may want to start filling up the calendar with fun things to do this summer.   

Cheap or Free Summer Activities for Michigan Families 

If you want to create family memories at every turn this summer without breaking the bank, here are 12 family-friendly activities you can enjoy on the cheap:

Ripe White strawberries, pineberries

Everything You Need to Know About White Strawberries 

White strawberries are sweeter than red ones and can even smell tropical. Here’s what you need to know about this cream-colored fruit.

Family observing plants growing in home hydroponics pots

Reasons to Start a Hydroponic Garden 

You may never want to dig in the dirt again. Hydroponic gardening has a growing number of fans. Here’s why.

Look at our herb garden

What to Plant in an Herb Garden 

If you want a big gardening payoff with minimal investment, plant an herb garden and up your kitchen’s flavor game.

Happy woman with Down Syndrome ready to planting flowers. Gardening.

Planning for a Healthy, Sustainable Spring  

Make spring your healthiest, most sustainable season yet with these easy tips for your home and outdoor areas.

mother's day gift

Add a Personal Touch to Mother’s Day with DIY Gift Ideas

Whether you’re someone helping a child prepare a gift or you’re in need of a DIY project for your own mom, we’ve got you covered with two ideas.

BCN Cascade Grand Rapids - employees stand next to a pinwheel garden in the grass in front of the office for Child Abuse Prevention month

Pinwheel Gardens Symbolize Our Role in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

This April, look for gardens of blue pinwheels in communities across Michigan — reminders that we all play a role in preventing child abuse and neglect.

Peach tulips in field

Top Picturesque Locations for Spring

Spring is in the air! The winter frost has worn off and flowers are just starting to bloom all around the state.

Cherry Tomatoes Chopped With Pepper And Salt

Kitchen Hacks: Slicing Cherry Tomatoes and Pitting Cherries 

Want to pit some juicy cherries or slice cherry tomatoes without the fuss? Check out these kitchen hack videos.

Preparing a meal with gay couple and kids in their home kitchen

Age-Appropriate Ways to Talk to Kids About Food 

With all the fast food and junk food advertisements swirling everywhere we look, here’s how to have age-appropriate discussions with your kids about food.

Shanthi Cucumber Recipes

Putting the Spotlight on Cucumbers, Plus 4 Recipes 

Cucumbers are made of mostly water, which promotes hydration. These crunchy, in-season vegetables are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and K.

Two couples play pickleball on an outdoor court.

Why a Growing Number of People Are Getting Active with Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fast growing sports in Michigan, especially in Grand Rapids where tennis courts are being converted to Pickleball courts.

Children on Fourth of July or Memorial Day

How to Give Your Kids a Safe and Healthy July 4 Celebration 

Summer holidays are fun, but the risk of injuries rises on these days. Here are tips for giving your kids a safe, healthy July 4.

Redeye Cicada on a tree at Gigerline Nature Reserve, ACT on a spring morning in November 2020

Brood X Cicada Invasion: Will It Affect Your Home and Garden? 

Trillions of red-eyed cicadas will emerge from the ground this summer leaving some to wonder if t will affect their homes or gardens.

Young couple enjoying time outdoors. She is cycling, he is sitting in a wheelchair.

How to Give Yourself a Healthy Summer Reset 

New Year’s resolutions may have faded, but don’t despair. There is plenty of time for a summer reset.

Remains of half rotten food and another rubbish in waste basket. Putrid fruit. Oranges and apples. Consumerism.

Want to Save Money on Groceries? Cut Down on Waste

Find out ways to save money by reducing the amount of wasted food.

African descent grandmother and grandchild gardening in outdoor vegetable garden in spring or summer season. Cute little boy enjoys planting new flowers and vegetable plants.

Making the Most of Spring 

Spring is the perfect time to dig in the dirt. In addition to enjoying home-grown herbs and vegetables, planting a garden can be emotionally satisfying.

Woman putting food garbage into composter

4 Ways to Reduce Your Personal Trash Stream 

Even if you’re good about recycling, there are still more things you can do to reduce your personal trash stream.

Young farmer with prosthetic leg picking tomato in greenhouse

What You Can Do Now to Prepare for a Summer Garden 

Ready to flex your green thumb this year? You’re not alone. Here are some tips to get you started.

Butter chicken

Slow Cooker Butter Chicken with Veggies

Let your kids help with prepping this yummy butter chicken recipe. When they have some control over the veggies you use, they might be more willing to try them.

Mom helping daughter water a plant

Set Family Goals for 2021 

Does your family set goals you can work on together? Make 2021 the year you explore more, get healthier together and have new experiences!

Fresh zucchini on wooden table close up.

Healthy Zucchini-Based Recipes

Zucchini can make any dish healthy. Full of potassium, fiber, iron, antioxidants, vitamins and more, zucchini is a great way to add flavor and nutrients to any meal.

Sign with poison ivy plants around

A Guide to Summer’s Poisonous Plants

A guide to help identify poisonous plants around Michigan and what to do if you or a family member has been affected.

Older woman lifting weights

Encouraging Exercise for an Aging Loved One

Fear, fatigue, chronic pain or just plain lack of motivation might be keeping your loved one stationary. So how do you get them off the couch and on to healthy…

Senior African American Couple Planting in Garden

Grow Your Garden Without Aches and Pains

Spending time in a garden is good for your physical and mental health–you just have to be careful you don’t overdo it.

Small plats growing in carton chicken egg box in black soil. Break off the biodegradable paper cup and plant in soil outdoors. Reuse concept

Using Recycled Household Items for a Home Garden

Looking to grow your own garden? These recycled household items can help you get started.

Woman painting plank in garage

Miss Shopping? How to Upcycle Items in Your Home

Looking for a craft project to keep busy? Here's how upcycling can turn old household items into new treasures.

Man holding his dog

Finding New Purpose in Life as We Age  

It’s important for older adults to seek meaningful ways to stay engaged for their mental health. These research-backed ideas can help seniors find purpose.

Parents and children coloring pages together

Educational Activities Kids Can Do at Home

Struggling to keep kids engaged while at home? Here's how to turn household activities into school-approved lessons.

Woman eating yogurt

The Road To A Healthier Gut: Digestive Disorders 101

Some aspects of gut health are uncontrollable, but there are ways to improve the health of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Here’s how to get started.

Dad and son on a nature walk

Virtual Ways to Help your Kids Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day, which happens April 22, is the perfect time to educate your little ones about respecting nature and keeping our environment healthy.

A boy and girl sitting at a table sewing fabric

Little Life Skills Everyone Should Know

Of course education is important and school learning should be a priority, but there are also plenty of lessons kids can learn outside of the classroom.

Butterflies at Frederik Meijer Gardens

6 Michigan Cities for a Fun, Low-Cost Spring Break Trip

An exciting spring break can be found right here in Michigan. Here are six destinations to get you started.

Coffee on wooden table

A Guide to Michigan’s Best Coffee Shops

Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, oh my! Here's a guide to Michigan's best coffee shops.

Young woman shopping on the farmer's market

How to Make the Most of Farmers Markets

Heading to your local farmers market? Read these tips on how to find the freshest, most affordable food options.

Potted plant on table

Houseplants: Nature’s Air Purifiers

Houseplants are often chosen for their decorative nature, but research has shown that houseplants offer many benefits to our health.

Kids running during an Easter Egg hunt.

Building Healthy Easter Traditions {with recipe}

Easter can be a fun and indulgent holiday. Here are some healthy ideas perfect for the whole family.

Hands holding dirt and a plant sprout

Celebrate the Planet: 2019 Michigan Earth Day Events

With so many events commemorating Earth Day around the state, there’s no need to find a tree to hug (unless that’s your thing).

Hands holding composted earth next to food scraps.

How to Start a Backyard Compost Pile

Looking to reduce your food waste and improve your garden at the same time? Composting isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here’s how to get started.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

The Best Spring Break Staycation Spots in Michigan

Looking to not travel too far for spring break? Here are some fun getaways in the Great Lakes State.

Woman lifting weights

Get Fit in Your 40s, 50s, 60s and Beyond

Metabolism decreases 1 to 2 percent every decade for women and 5 to 8 percent for men. Exercise can help bridge the gap.

Woman walking up the stairs.

52 Little Habits That Will Help You Create an Amazing 2019

The new year is a great time to renew your commitment to a healthy mind, body and spirit. Here are little tweaks to do just that.

Santa and kids at Christmas time

Unique Places to Visit Santa in MI

Still looking to make time for family photos with Santa? Avoid the last minute hustle and bustle at the malls by visiting him at these Michigan destinations.

image of a campfire at night

Michigan September Bucket List: 10 Ways to Welcome Fall

Make the most of September by enjoying MI destinations, cozying up to a campfire or getting into fall by tailgating, slowing down and cooking with the season.


Celebrate National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day is coming up! Learn about how you can celebrate this fun holiday with print-off recipe cards.

Image of a dune buggy at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Michigan July Bucket List: 10 Ways to Make this Month Sizzle

Get outside, eat fresh, and recharge your batteries with these ideas to make July a month to remember.

Image of prepared veggies.

Urban Roots: Growing Community through Farming and Education

Urban Roots is a community farm and education center located in Grand Rapids. Learn more about their mission to empower access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Aerial view of Shelby's Cherry Point Farm's lavender labyrinth.

Michigan June Bucket List: 10 Ideas to Welcome Summer

June might be the perfect month of the year in Michigan if you enjoy balmy temps and sunshine. Here are some ideas to make the most of it.

A spring robin perched on a tree branch.

Michigan March Bucket List: 10 Ideas to Usher in a New Season

Hello, March! This month, welcome spring by greening up your home and yard, planning a close-to-home vacation, taking a hike and more.

lavender labyrinth cherry point farm

West Michigan Farm is Home to a Spectacular Lavender Labyrinth

Located just minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan in Shelby, a lavender labyrinth attracts visitors from all over the world.

People practicing yoga on a farm with goats

Goat Yoga: The Fitness Trend You Have to Try

The A Healthier Michigan team recently tried goat yoga. Find out why it’s a growing trend.

kids and parents running 5k

Creative Ways to Exercise as a Family

Fitting in a daily workout does not have to be difficult. Use these simple ways to get active as a family!

canteloupe raspberry and mint in water

Water Infusion: Cantaloupe, Raspberry and Mint

Soda and juice are filled with added sugars and calories. Adding great, natural flavor to water with fruit and herbs is a great way to stay hydrated.

white rocking chairs on a sea foam green deck

New Suites, Renovations Greet Guests for Grand Hotel’s 130th Season

Staying at the Grand Hotel this summer? You’ll notice updated and refreshed spaces that welcome guests to the storied hotel’s 130th season.


8 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree For Earth Day

Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment.

make your hard more eco-friendly

6 Ways to Give Your Yard an Eco-Friendly Makeover

Get ideas for turning your yard into a sanctuary for the planet.

Scraping scraps into a compost pile

Hold that Toss – How to Cook with Food Scraps

Cauliflower cores, meat bones, coffee grinds: Try these new ideas for cooking things typically thrown away in your kitchen.

no cooking dinner recipes

Cool Kitchen: 10 Satisfying No-Cook, No-Bake Recipes

Give your stove the night off with these 10 easy-to-make recipes. They are perfect for summer nights.

drumming exercise

Looking for a New Workout? Try Drumming Exercises

A new way of exercising is taking Michigan by storm. Learn the benefits of drumming exercise and why you should get connected with a fitness center near you.

Homemade Bird Feeder

DIY: How To Make Homemade Bird Feeders #MIKidsCan

Attracting birds to your house can be a rewarding activity for both you and your kids. Come learn how to make your own inexpensive homemade bird feeder here.

Indoor Garden Salad

DIY: How to Create Your Own Patio Salad Garden

Learn how to grow year-round salad greens right on your patio! This step-by-step direction makes gardening simple for everyone.

Turning kids into gardeners

#MIKidsCan Be a Gardener

For the first time, Artists Creating Together offers children with disabilities the opportunity to learn about where food comes from and how to cook it.

Help save the bees

#MIKidsCan Save the Bees

You and your kids can do your part in helping out our local bee populations with these simple ideas and fun activities.

WWOOFing in Michigan

WWOOFing: The Latest Way to Have Fun and Dig in the Dirt

Are you a lover of getting your hands dirty and spending time outdoors? Then WWOOFing – and no, we’re not talking about a dog barking – is perfect for you.

plant a vertical garden

No Yard? Small Outdoor Space? Try Planting a Vertical Garden

Instead of spreading seeds out, consider planting up if you have some vertical space that gets adequate sunlight. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

How Michigan saves the environment

Learn from Example: How Michigan Goes Above and Beyond for the Environment

Get inspired to do all you can by seeing how these cities, organization and companies in Michigan put the environment first.

benefits of a rain barrel

Prevent Pollution, Water Your Garden for Less with a Rain Barrel

Harnessing rain water for use in your home garden is relatively easy and it can help ease downstream water pollution while saving you a little cash to boot.

healthy easter basket ideas

Think Outside the Basket: Creative Easter Ideas

Think outside of the box with fun gifts or active treats that don’t involve chocolate or candy for the Easter basket. Here are some creative ideas.


DIY: How to Grow a Window Garden for Kids

Creating a window garden with kids can be a fun project to help get them involved in healthy eating habits. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing it.

local shops for holiday gifts

Shop Local for Holiday Gifts

The Healthier Michigan team shares some small business favorites in this roundup of Michigan shops and companies to consider for your holiday gift list.

Historic Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti: Why You Should Spend the Day in this Cute, Quirky Town

The Healthier Michigan team recently spent a day in historic Ypsilanti and we were blown away by the cute, quirky town.

Michigan cares for tourism

Historic Upper Peninsula Site Gets Makeover from Tourism Pros

Fayette Historic State Park in Manistique recently got a makeover courtesy of the group Michigan Cares for Tourism.

activities for grandparents and grandkids

10 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren in Michigan

We created a list of some fun activities to enjoy with your grandchildren around the state of Michigan. Get outside, explore and have a ball!

Michigan Teddy Bear Picnic

Take Your Kids to this Saturday’s MSU Teddy Bear Picnic

A free event at the MSU 4-H Children’s Garden aims to help kids get comfortable with medical professionals.

Colonial Michilimackinac

Colonial Michilimackinac Recreates Historic Gardens {Video}

Visitors to Fort Michilimackinac can get a taste of 18th-century life thanks to 13 gardens recreated using artifacts and excavated seeds.

Preserving summer's produce

Preserve Your Way Through Your Garden’s Bounty

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy local flavors. These techniques will show you how.

summer salad recipes

10 Sensational Summer Dinner Salads

These salads are nutritional rock stars and they won’t leave you rooting around for snacks in the refrigerator after dinner.

Michigan restaurants with their own gardens

Garden to Table: Restaurants That Grow Their Own Food

Restaurants around Michigan are taking farm-to-table to the next level by growing food themselves. Here are a few to check out.

Michigan tomato varieties

Michigan Tomatoes: The Six Varieties You Need to Taste

You already know about Beefsteak tomatoes, but there are lots of other varieties grown right in Michigan to try before summer ends.

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