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Healthy & Affordable Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Stressed out over holiday gift-giving? Fear not: We’ve brainstormed healthy finds that fit all budgets and personalities.

Health and Wellness

Parents: The Flu Shot Is For You, Too

The more members of your family who receive the flu shot, the greater the effect the vaccine has on your household. Here's how you protecting yourself can actually help protect others.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Food and Recipes

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds (Plus Two Tasty Variations)

Don't sleep on homemade roasted pumpkin seeds this fall! Here is a basic recipe for this crispy, crunchy and delicious snack, plus two fun variations.

Little boy showing off his handwashing technique

Are You Washing Your Hands the Right Way?

Germs are spread when you touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, so it's important to wash them the right way. Especially during flu season.

Health and Wellness

Fighting Breast Cancer With Food

Healthy eating cannot completely prevent every kind of disease and illness. However, a balanced diet featuring these five foods can help fight against breast cancer.

Lake Superior Chapel Beach in Autumn at Pictured Rocks

Beautiful Michigan: Top Picturesque Locations For Fall

Grabbing photos of fall foliage here in Michigan makes for a fantastic October activity. So, where are the best places in the state to capture the perfect fall images?

Health and Wellness

The Benefits of Starting Your Child’s Yoga Practice

While it’s often thought of as an adult wellness activity, kids can realize the same health benefits by discovering their inner “yogi.” Why not start them early?

Food and Recipes

The Secret to Cooking Delicious Eggs in the Microwave

Want a healthy start to your day but don’t have a lot of time? Check out these easy recipes for cooking eggs in a microwave for a protein-packed breakfast.

Amazing Autumn scenery, forests with lake, Fall colors, Aerial view.

Peak Times for Fall Color Across Michigan

The beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves of fall are almost here! Find out when you should plan your color tour to make the most of the autumn splendor.


The Flu Shot: Still Your Best Bet

It’s easy to assume that if you didn’t get the flu shot last year and didn’t get sick, there’s no need to get one this year. But that's one of a few common misconceptions surrounding the flu shot. We address those here.

Food and Recipes

Microwave Do’s and Don’ts

The last thing you want to do after leaning on a microwave for its convenience is spend a half hour or more cleaning up the mess you made inside of it.


Introducing Our New Look on A Healthier Michigan

Welcome to A Healthier Michigan! We’ve got a fresh new look and new design features that are ready to help everyone in Michigan get healthier – from the inside out.

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