Mental Health

woman poses in a Santa hat while feeling sad with the holiday blues
Mental Health

Advice for Coping with Holiday Blues

Contributor Monica Drake shares what you can do if the holidays aren’t feeling so joyful right now.

5 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts  
Mental Health

8 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

The holidays are as stressful as they are joyous. When it comes to shopping, traveling, decorating and family time, here are ways to mitigate the stress.

Mental Health

Detroit Native Builds ‘Slow AF Run Club’ Community to Bust Stereotypes 

Detroit native Martinus Evans started running at 300 pounds 10 years ago, and has gone on to run eight marathons and founded a 25,000-member online running community called the “Slow AF Run Club.” The community is inclusive, and empowers people to run “in the body they have right now.” 

Mental Health

How Change – Even Good Change – Affects My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about one of the biggest triggers for her anxiety -- change -- as she prepared to get married.

Mental Health

What are the Seven Principles of Mindfulness?

Taking time to clear your mind of thoughts, judgments and opinions can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This practice is known as mindfulness.

Mental Health

How Does Alcohol Affect My Sleep?

Booze before bed may seem like an OK way to help you doze off quickly. But the tradeoff is usually fragmented sleep, wakefulness and a very groggy day after.

Mental Health

This Suicide Prevention Month, I Remember.

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about what Suicide Prevention Month means to her and why.

Mental Health

Know this Acronym to Help Prevent Suicide

Learn about WAIT, which offers simple suicide prevention advice.

Jozlynn Blankenbaker poses for a photo on the Wayne State University campus.
Mental Health

The Power of a Routine in College

Having trouble staying organized at school? Adding structure to our lives can bring out the best versions of ourselves. Here's what a routine-oriented approach can offer.

Mental Health

How I Protected My Mental Health While Dating

Since the unknown is one of the biggest triggers for my anxiety, it’s no wonder that dating had such an effect on me.

Mental Health

The Health Benefits of Grounding

Swim in a lake, walk in the grass or lay on the sand and you might get the benefits from grounding.

Mental Health

How My Workout Became a Part of My Social Life

Working out with friends has its benefits. Added motivation is usually one of them. That was the experience for Maria Cassel, who details her health journey in this first-person writing.

Mental Health

How Breastfeeding Affects Mental Health

When facing problems with breastfeeding, women may experience feelings of depression or symptoms similar to post traumatic stress syndrome.

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