Physical Health

Physical Health

Parents: The Flu Shot Is For You, Too

The more members of your family who receive the flu shot, the greater the effect the vaccine has on your household. Here's how you protecting yourself can actually help protect others.

Little boy showing off his handwashing technique
Physical Health

Are You Washing Your Hands the Right Way?

Germs are spread when you touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, so it's important to wash them the right way. Especially during flu season.

Physical Health

Fighting Breast Cancer With Food

Healthy eating cannot completely prevent every kind of disease and illness. However, a balanced diet featuring these five foods can help fight against breast cancer.

Physical Health

Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread

If you love a thick-cut slice of sourdough bread, you’ll like the health benefits that come with it.

Physical Health

Health Benefits of Yoga

Next time you strike a pose and hold it, know that you’re improving your health in lots of ways.

Physical Health

Sun Protection Needs by Age

Should our sun safety practices change as we get older? Here are sun protection tips by age.

A woman lying in a hammock enjoying the health benefits of doing nothing
Physical Health

Give it a Rest: The Health Benefits of Doing Nothing 

It's a busy world. But when you take time to do nothing, you can passively check in on both your mental and physical health.

Sunscreen on the beachS
Physical Health

What does SPF Mean? 

Myths about sun safety and SPF are common. Here’s what SPF really means and how to use it to keep yourself safe in the sun.

Caitlyn Begosa
Physical Health

Starting College Out-of-State Was Scary. Here’s How I Coped. 

Contributor and summer intern Caitlyn Begosa writes about starting her first year of college out-of-state, and how she learned to adapt.

Woman at a restaurant reading the menu
Physical Health

How to Communicate Your Dietary Restrictions with Others 

Millions of people have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Here are some ways to communicate these with others.

Midsection of family outdoors on garden barbecue, grilling.
Physical Health

Grilled vs Baked: Which is Healthier? 

Grilling is a summer pastime in Michigan, and baking is known to be a healthy way to prepare foods. Which is better?

Girls soccer teams practice together
Physical Health

How to Keep Kids Healthy During Summer Sports Practice 

Summertime can be a busy season for kids and sports. Here’s a few tips to keep active kids healthy.

Happy African-American Family is Having a Picnic in a Park and Eating Sweet Cherries.
Physical Health

Health Benefits of Cherries 

Sweet or tart, cherries are packed with what’s good for you. Here are the health benefits of cherries.

Steak on the grill
Physical Health

Rare or Well-Done? The Meat Safety Debate

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus reviews the benefits and risks to cooking meat rare or well-done, while keeping safety in mind.

Young caucasian plump plus size woman cooking making salad, healthy food, dieting, counting calories, preparing dinner lunch at home kitchen
Physical Health

Can You Support Hormone Health with Food? 

A hormone imbalance can leave you feeling tired, moody or even a little heavier. Here’s how certain foods can help.

Interpretation Of The Electrocardiogram Of Young Athletes
Physical Health

Biohacks to Boost Your Health 

Ready to use biohacking to improve your mental and physical health? Here are some of the best biohacks to improve your health.

Low angle view of happy senior couple walking outdoors on pier by sea at dusk, holding hands.
Physical Health

Benefits of Walking After a Meal

Make an after-dinner walk part of your routine and you’ll reap the health benefits.

Mature Hispanic Man Jogging in Central Park
Physical Health

The Fuel, Fitness and Physicals Men Need for Good Health

Getting appropriate and timely preventive care is an important part of a well-rounded, overall health strategy for men.

Man seasoning meat on the grill
Physical Health

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Preparing to Grill Meat

Grilling is one of the great American pastimes. But cross-contamination of raw or undercooked meats can make people sick. Here’s what not to do.

Woman with a headache
Physical Health

Home Remedies for Migraines, Headaches 

Headaches are a real pain. But before you reach for medication, try these time-tested home remedies to ease the symptoms.  

Preparation for blood test by female doctor medical uniform in white bright room
Physical Health

What to Know About Your Blood Type 

Some people know more about their horoscope signs than what type of blood they have. Here are a few things you should know about your blood type.

A woman examines sunscreen brands at the store.
Physical Health

Does Sunscreen Expire?  

Sunscreen can lose its efficacy when improperly stored or owned for too long. Soak up this information so you can soak up the sun safely!

Young People Having Fun At Barbecue Party.
Physical Health

What’s the Healthiest Type of Grill?

Charcoal grills, gas grills and smokers have all seen an uptick in use lately. But which type of grilling method is one or the other the healthiest?

Closeup portrait of handsome beautiful asian boy with mirror makeup routine with copy space. Beauty influencer guy with perfect glow skin dress up. Healthcare man lifestyle cosmetic blogger concept
Physical Health

Best Skin Care Routine Essentials for Men

Cleanse, moisturize and protect are the basic steps, but not all men’s skin care routines are the same.

couple of two happy and fitess seniors doing exercise in the gym together running on the tapis roulant - active lifestyle
Physical Health

Best Exercises for Seniors at Home 

Seniors looking for ways to get fit or maintain their health have plenty of at-home exercises to pick from.

Working at home
Physical Health

Foods that Kill Nicotine Cravings 

Some types of foods can be really helpful for people trying to curb a craving for nicotine.

Woman doing squats
Physical Health

How to Find the Right Squat Exercise for You 

Find the best squat exercises to build muscle and burn calories.

Gorgeous young female tennis player drinking energy drink
Physical Health

When Do You Need an Electrolyte Drink? 

Sipping an electrolyte drink can be a trendy thing to do, but when does your body actually need one?

Older woman suffers from high temperature at home
Physical Health

Signs and Stages of Perimenopause and Menopause 

It is important for women to get enough information about perimenopause and menopause symptoms and side effects.

Man suffering sinusitis sitting on couch at home having headache
Physical Health

Ways to Reduce Allergens at Home 

Most indoor allergen sources can be combatted by taking certain measures around the house.

Chinese Girl Having Lower Abdominal Pain Sitting In Bed Indoors
Physical Health

When You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Cramps 

For most women, having cramps is part of having your period. But here are some signs to watch for that mean you might need to talk to your doctor.

Hiking Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore In Michigan
Physical Health

Michigan Hikes to Get Your 10,000 Steps In 

There are big health benefits to getting 10,000 daily steps. Here are some great places to do that with a view.

Unrecognizable person on a bike ride through a lush wildflower field on a summer day healthy lifestyle
Physical Health

Health Benefits of Biking 

Get on your bike and ride, and reap the health benefits that come pedaling road bikes, mountain bikes and more.

Shot of a happy senior couple dancing in their kitchen at home
Physical Health

Best Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure 

Nearly half of all U.S. adults have hypertension. Regular exercise can help lower blood pressure.

Angela Moore in her office
Physical Health

Tips for Highly Productive People: How to Know When to Rest

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares how to know when it's time to take a break from work and rest.

Woman at home office is walking on under desk treadmill
Physical Health

Managing Remote Work Stress 

Stress can creep up on all of us, especially if we’re juggling working from home. Here’s how to better manage remote work stress.

Pretty young teenage girl relaxing on a grass
Physical Health

Why You Are More Likely to Get a Sunburn in Spring 

In the spring, we can’t wait to get outside. But you are more likely to get a sunburn in the spring.

Monica Drake poses for a photo in her gym.
Physical Health

I Always Hated Exercise – Until I Saw How Much it Helped My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how starting an exercise routine has helped her manage her anxiety.

Woman takes a cold plunge in a frozen outdoor lake.
Physical Health

What’s All the Fuss About Cold Plunges?

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus tries the cold plunge trend and reports back on results.

Soo Locks in dusk
Physical Health

How to Get Your Steps in Near Michigan’s Soo Locks 

If you’re a freighter fan headed to the Soo Locks, check out these nearby trails to get your steps in.

Young family managing budget and paying bills and taxes.
Physical Health

Everything You Need to Know About Stress 

Did you know there are different types of stress? Here’s what you need to know.

Laughter is the best medicine
Physical Health

Why Laughing is Good for You 

Like the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. From a giggle to a guffaw, here are all the ways that laughing is good for you.

Little girl Having fun with the soap bubbles outdoors
Physical Health

Fun Family Activities Perfect for Spring 

Warm weather is a great time to get outside with your kids. Give these age-group specific activities a try this spring!

A woman at the gym has a discussion with a personal trainer.
Physical Health

Signs You Might Need a Personal Trainer 

Personal training may be worth looking into if you recently recovered from an injury, need help with form or have certain fitness goals in mind.

Two teenagers have fun playing in the rain.
Physical Health

4 Practical Ways to Start Living in the Present

Do you ever ask yourself, “Is it the weekend yet?” If you do, it might be time for you to start trying to find joy in the present.

An older couple jogs in the park.
Physical Health

Improve Your Walking or Running Form in 3 Steps

Simple tweaks to your running or walking form can help you go farther while preserving the condition of your back, joints and other body parts.

Women play pickleball at the Michigan Senior Olympics event during March 2023 in Rochester at Lifetime Fitness.
Physical Health

Winning Pickleball Tournaments in their 70s: How the Sport Keeps Seniors Young

Staying active and making new friends: these seniors are reaping the benefits from pickleball, a sport that surged in popularity during the pandemic.

A young woman got severe cramps in her foot at night while sleeping.
Physical Health

What is Stiff-Person Syndrome? 

Stiff-person syndrome is a rare, progressive autoimmune disorder that affects how a person’s muscles move. Here are the symptoms and treatments.

An African-American Single Mother Preparing Vegan Lunch In The Kitchen And Smiling With Her Little Daughter
Physical Health

Habits to Build a Heathy Relationship with Food

Guilt, remorse, stress: These have no place in our feelings about meals and snacks. Here’s how to improve your relationship with food.

Rainbow Over Detroit Riverwalk
Physical Health

Urban Nature Trails in Michigan to Move Your Workout Outside 

Grab a pair of sunglasses and your best workout shoes. It’s time to move your next exercise session outdoors.

Family with two young children smeared with chocolate taking a photo
Physical Health

Plan a Healthy ‘Yes Day’ With Your Kids

There are plenty of ways to take the carefree “Yes Day” concept into summer for a healthy way to connect with your kids. Here are some suggestions.

Runners racing a local 5K around a lake on a dirt path on a early summer evening.
Physical Health

You Can Do It! The Easiest Way to Prepare for a 5K

This 5K training regimen is for beginners, experienced runners and everyone in between. Training starts two months before race day.

The super disinfecting son and dad duo
Physical Health

Never Mix These Cleaning Products 

So many cleaning products are probably sitting in your home. Here is some helpful information about what cleaning products not to mix.

Physical Health

Michigan Bucket List: Public Golf Courses 

Ready to break out your clubs? You’re not alone. Here are some popular public golf courses to check out across the state.

Children Helping Mother To Make School Lunches In Kitchen At Home
Physical Health

Quick Ways to Make Your Lunch Healthier 

If you typically skip your midday meal - or turn to take-out for a fast fix - we’ve got some easy ways you can make your lunch healthier.

Woman wipes down her keyboard at her work station while spring cleaning
Physical Health

6 Things You’re Forgetting to Spring Clean

There may be some parts of your life that may be more cluttered than you realize – and causing you stress. Here are six things to spring clean.

A man eats a banana while sitting on a weight bench at the gym.
Physical Health

What to Taste Before You Train

Scarfing down sugary snacks and greasy fast food before you exercise can lead to a sluggish workout. Give these options a try instead.

Woman relaxing on couch with weighted blanket
Physical Health

Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Sleep 

Tired of tossing and turning? If you’re looking for more restful sleep, a weighted blanket might help.

Gay couple having healthy breakfast in cozy bed and breakfast
Physical Health

10 Hacks to Make Your Breakfast More Nutritious 

Finding new ways to mix protein, healthy fats and good carbs can help get your day off to a good start.

Young Asia lady in sportswear doing yoga exercise working out in living room at home at night.
Physical Health

Best Bedtime Stretches to Improve Sleep Quality 

Going to sleep with tense muscles is not a recipe for good sleep. Here’s how stretching can improve your zzzz’s.

Young Man Snoozing Alarm On A Smart Phone
Physical Health

Five Ways to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time 

If the thought of springing your clock forward is not appealing, here are some ways to ease into Daylight Saving Time.

Doctor prepares for colonoscopy holding endoscope
Physical Health

The Real Scoop on Colonoscopies

It’s one of those topics people avoid talking about. But the fact is, colonoscopies save lives.

Sitting down to a bowl of oatmeal.
Physical Health

The Importance of a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is important every morning, partly because of its metabolism-boosting properties. Don’t have time? These grab-and-go ideas should help.

Physical Health

Why 7,000 Brisk Steps is the New Daily Fitness Goal 

So long, 10,000 steps. A new study talks about why 7,000 steps each day should be your goal.

A man shops for energy drinks.
Physical Health

Is There a Healthy Energy Drink?

Some trendy new energy drinks market themselves as healthier alternatives to the brands we’ve come to know. Are they actually healthy, though?

Morning is the best time for jogging. Young happy african couple or friends wearing headphones running together on the bridge, they talking and smiling during the run
Physical Health

Mental Tricks to Make Every Run Feel Easier

A lot of times, the resistance we face while running is all mental. The next time you’re huffing and puffing, remember these four tips.

Monica Drake - Heart Health Month
Physical Health

Taking Care of Your Heart and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Writer and mental health advocate Monica Drake offers a reminder for American Heart Month that taking care of your mental health is good for your heart.

Handsome asian guy Taking a shower in the bathroom
Physical Health

Hot Showers vs Cold Showers 

Love showers hot? That packs a lot of body benefits - but so do showers that are downright cold.

Home workout routine. Black man doing suspension straps exercises
Physical Health

Can You Out-Exercise a Bad Diet? 

Think you can down a bag of potato chips, eat fries, snack on candy and just exercise away all the bad stuff? Think again. 

Donna Mc Minn
Physical Health

Diving into Competitive Swimming During Retirement

Ask Donna Mc Minn why she took up competitive swimming during her retirement and she’ll grin and say: “In the pool, no one can see you sweat."

Smiling Woman Having Breakfast In The Morning At Home
Physical Health

Best Proteins for Heart Health 

You may love a double-stacked bacon burger, but it’s not the best choice when you’re trying to get the highest-quality proteins to boost heart health.

Senior African Male Measuring Arterial Blood Pressure Having Hypertension Indoor
Physical Health

Self-Checks to Do at Home

Breast self-exams, temperature checks and even measuring heart rate are all things that can be indicators of how healthy a person is.

dark chocolate
Physical Health

Benefits of Dark Chocolate 

What’s not to love about dark chocolate? It has a rich, flavorful taste and loads of health benefits to make it a good-for-you treat.

Do I Need to See the Doctor if I Have a Cold?
Physical Health

Do I Need to See a Doctor if I Have a Cold?

Most bouts with a cold can be handled at home, but other times your body may send warning signs that professional medical help is needed.

Woman talks with a nutritionist about colon broom
Physical Health

Colon Broom Craze: The Health Effects of the Social Media Trend

Laxatives can cause short-term weight loss due to lost water. Overuse or improper use can lead to dehydration and ultimately put you at risk for colon cancer.

Caucasian woman has a problem with bulimic and sitting at the couch at home
Physical Health

Disordered Eating vs. Feeding and Eating Disorders: Signs to Watch For 

Learning the different types of eating disorders, as well as the signs of an eating problem, can help as a first step. Here’s what you need to know.

A woman stands at a countertop and stares at both a slice of chocolate cake and an apple.
Physical Health

Taming Your Sweet Tooth: How to Cut Back on Excess Sugar

Many adults consume two or even three times the recommended amount of added sugar in a day. But cutting back can be surprisingly easy.

Young woman sitting in a lotus position at home and using singing bowl.Relaxation and meditation.Sound therapy,alternative medicine.Buddhist healing practices.Clearing the space of negative energy.
Physical Health

Sound Baths: How to Create One at Home 

Surrounding yourself with vibrating and overlapping sounds can be relaxing. Here’s how to create a sound bath at home.

Shot of a carefree young boy and his father watching a movie together while being seated on the floor and eating popcorn at home during the day
Physical Health

Easy Snacks for Heart Health

You’re going to munch on a handful of nibbles throughout the day, so make sure you’re getting heart-healthy snacks.

Couple Snowshoeing
Physical Health

Michigan Bucket List: Snowshoeing Trails to Try 

Ready to head out on a snowshoeing adventure? Here are some bucket-list worthy trails to try across Michigan.

A food sensitivity test tube is pictured above a table full of food.
Physical Health

What is a Food Sensitivity Test?

Food sensitivity tests may give us clues about what causes certain digestive issues. But they are not FDA-approved. So how accurate are they?

Young woman preparing food at home using olive oil
Physical Health

Which Cooking Oils Are Best for Heart Health? 

Grocery aisles are filled with choices. When it comes to cooking oils, what’s the best choice for your heart health?

Family watching american football match on television at home
Physical Health

4 Ways to Burn Calories During the Big Game 

The Big Game is an American tradition, whether you’re a football fan or not. But during this big buffet fest, how can you burn some extra calories?

Man and Woman Snowshoeing on a Sunny Winter Day.
Physical Health

A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing 

Ready to try an easy, new winter sport?Snowshoeing could be your next fun adventure. 

Father with three kids running in beautiful winter forest. The little girl is aged 10 and her brothers are aged 7. Cold winter day
Physical Health

Get Outside in Nature This Winter: Why It’s Good for Your Mental Health 

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up inside. A little outside time can mean big health benefits.

Close up of a doctor doing a medical exam while both him and the patient are wearing protective masks
Physical Health

Preventing Cervical Cancer: Why Pap Test Rules Have Changed

Guidelines on when women should get Pap and HPV screenings for cervical cancer have changed recently. Women should talk to their doctor about options.

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  
Physical Health

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  

It might be time to shop for winter hats, scarves, jackets and boots if you haven’t already. Here are the best fabrics out there to keep you warm this winter.

A woman slices into a plate of chicken breasts.
Physical Health

Transitioning from a Vegetarian Diet to Eating Meat    

Contemplating eating meat again? Ethical and dietary reasons may give you pause, but these tips can help ease the transition.

A family sits together and enjoys a meal during the holidays.
Physical Health

Resolve to Make Self-Care a Priority in the New Year

Lose weight. Get a new job. Be happier. Instead of setting hard-to-reach goals, why not let self-care be a New Year’s resolution?

Portrait of a young African American woman watering plants and enjoying
Physical Health

Why Indoor Plants Are Good for Your Mental Health 

Ready to lower your blood pressure and feel more relaxed? Invest in a few new indoor plants.

A woman steps on a scale.
Physical Health

What is a Healthy Weight?  

Determining a healthy weight depends on what is proportionate to a person’s size. BMI is not perfect, but it can help indicate future health risks.

Photo of a smiling senior woman walking her dog outdoors along a foot path
Physical Health

Why Walking Your Dog is Healthy for You, Too  

Did you know dog owners are 34% more likely to fit 150 minutes of walking into a week than non-dog owners? The benefits only begin there.

Bob Van Camp plays table tennis at the Older Persons Commission
Physical Health

Table Tennis Helps Michigan Man Lose Weight, Stay Active in Retirement

Don’t call it ping pong. This is table tennis. On a recent weekday afternoon several men, aged 50-plus, are breaking a sweat.

Woman doing yoga with her dog
Physical Health

How to Start an Exercise Routine that Works for You

Focusing on your target heart rate and switching up your workouts can help unlock an exercise routine that works for you. Here are more keys:

Indoor shot of young woman with dark wavy hair looking at her smartwatch.
Physical Health

What Sleep Tracking Can Tell You About Your Health 

Sleep tracking technology can provide valuable information about sleeping patterns, but they’re not the end-all, be-all.

Winter mountain adventure. Young couple on a trail. Night blizzard
Physical Health

Winter Night Hikes Across Michigan 

Walking in the winter can be a hushed, beautiful experience. But what about winter night hikes? Those can be magical.

Close up shot of a woman eating pan-fried salmon with a knife and fork in a cafe.
Physical Health

How to Get Vitamin D Without Sunlight

It’s not always easy to get vitamin D during the winter. A few dietary tweaks can help make up for that lack of winter sunlight.

Young woman plays on her smartphone on a yoga mat indoors
Physical Health

Why is the First Five Minutes of a Workout So Hard? 

There’s a science behind what the first five minutes of exercise does to your body. Don’t let it deter you from a great workout.

Happy senior couple making dinner
Physical Health

5 Unusual Health Tips for a Daily Better Life

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus shares five unusual health tips that most people don’t know about.

The UP Eben Ice Caves.
Physical Health

The Upper Peninsula’s Eben Ice Caves: Winter Hiking 101

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is full of surprises, including winter ice caves. Get helpful tips on how to hike properly in the winter.

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