Maximizing Farmers Market Finds with Seasonal Vegetable Recipes

Shanthi Appelo
Shanthi Appelo

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Farmers Market
Did you know that Michigan is a top producer of a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, tart cherries, blueberries, asparagus, and cucumbers? During the summer, the state’s climate is ideal for enjoying locally grown produce that is picked at its peak ripeness. In fact, fruits are sweeter and vegetables are more tender when they are in season. By purchasing from local farmers at farmers markets, you’re supporting the local economy and reducing the environmental footprint of your food as it has to travel a shorter distance. If you’re looking for delicious meal ideas using the summer crops, check out these tried-and-true recipes.
Roasted Zucchini Pasta
This summer pasta dish involves roasting zucchini slices with olive oil and panko breadcrumbs until they turn golden and slightly crispy. After that, they are added to a rich marinara sauce for a delicious and decadent finish.
Grilled zucchini
Zucchini is a tender summer squash that tastes its best between May and August. It makes for a perfect vegetable for the grill, as the whole veggie is edible. Simply slice, quickly marinate and grill until marks appear. The grilling will bring out sweet flavors from the zucchini that pairs beautifully with the cherry tomato bruschetta.
Hummus is a protein and fiber-rich chickpea spread that’s tasty year-round, but it’s especially delicious when served with summer in-season vegetables. In this recipe, hummus gets topped with a vinaigrette-tossed vegetable medley.
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