Kids and Parenting

Kids and Parenting

Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

Enjoying food-centered holidays can be a real challenge for people with diabetes but there are ways to make these traditional gatherings more diabetes-friendly.

Kids and Parenting

4 Tips to Handle Halloween Candy in a Healthy Way 

The average kid is likely going to consume between 3,500 and 7,000 calories from candy on Halloween. This is the equivalent of up to three cups of sugar. -- and can be hard for kids to brush off of their teeth. Here are some tips to navigate the sugar rush of Halloween, and how to keep kids' teeth clean and healthy.

Kids and Parenting

Safety Hacks for Pumpkin Carving

Knife-related hand injuries soar around Halloween for kids and teens. Here are some safety hacks for pumpkin carving.

Kids and Parenting

Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

The brain is a highly active organ that requires a healthy supply of energy and micronutrients to function at its best.

Kids and Parenting

Michigan Bucket List: U-Pick Pumpkin Patches 

Pumpkin patches are a fall treat in Michigan. Find a good one, then stay for a wagon ride, eat a donut and do a little pumpkin bowling.

Kids and Parenting

Navigating Conversations with Children About Obesity 

Building healthy habits at home is a great way to teach children and teens behaviors that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Kids and Parenting

What is Malnutrition?

Malnutrition doesn’t just mean undernutrition, when you’re not eating enough nutrient-rich food. It can also mean overnutrition.

Male and female friends walk together between classes in college.
Kids and Parenting

Top 5 Red Flags in Friendships

Recognizing and addressing the red flags in a friendship can be crucial to your mental and physical well-being. Start an open dialogue with your friend if you encounter these five red flags.

Kids and Parenting

10 Healthy and Fun Michigan-Inspired Snacks for Your Kids

Activities with children – whether playing in the backyard or exploring your community – are never complete without snack time. Here are some tasty, healthy snacks that will keep your little ones energized throughout the day.

Kids and Parenting

Sun Protection Needs by Age

Should our sun safety practices change as we get older? Here are sun protection tips by age.

Kids and Parenting

Healthy Out-of-the-lunch-box Ideas for Kids

Different food groups provide vital nutrients to fuel a child’s day. Here’s how to get at least three of the five groups into your child’s lunch.

A Muslim mom and daughter have fun baking together in their kitchen.
Kids and Parenting

5 Fun and Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Cooking

Want to sharpen your child’s cooking skills early? These easy, creative tips can make for a fun family experience in the kitchen.

Cookies vs granola bars
Kids and Parenting

Is It Healthier Than a Cookie? Granola Bars Carry Hidden Sugars 

Is reaching for a granola bar a healthier choice than a couple cookies? Here’s how reading a label can help.

Girls soccer teams practice together
Kids and Parenting

How to Keep Kids Healthy During Summer Sports Practice 

Summertime can be a busy season for kids and sports. Here’s a few tips to keep active kids healthy.

A mother applies a tissue to a child's runny nose outdoors.
Kids and Parenting

How to Spot Common Food Allergies in Children

Offices, classrooms and even restaurants often have signs that warn of food allergies. Here’s how parents can stay ahead of them.

A young adult man going for a walk outdoors stops to apply eyedrops.
Kids and Parenting

Finding Relief: Who to Talk to When Allergies Strike

Learn how to spot the telltale signs of a new allergy’s development and where to go to receive qualified care and advice.

A parent chops vegetables for their child's school lunch.
Kids and Parenting

A Week of Healthy, Easy School Lunches

Need inspiration for balanced school lunches? These easy options have all the nutrients kids need and some take just a few minutes to make.

Improve your communication skills at home with these 5 tips
Kids and Parenting

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Speech at Home

Practice speaking clearly with these 5 easy speech techniques to help you feel more confident.

Preschoolers interacting in class
Kids and Parenting

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Healthy

Keeping your preschooler healthy can be difficult. Check out these simple reminders to help strengthen their immune system and teach healthy habits.

World Autism Awareness day concept with puzzle or jigsaw pattern on heart with autistic child's hands supported by nursing family caregiver
Kids and Parenting

Understanding Autism in Children

Autism affects the way a person communicates and interacts with others. It does not affect all people equally, rather there are varying degrees of severity.

Multi-ethnic group of little friends with toothy smiles on their faces enjoying warm sunny day while participating in soap bubbles show
Kids and Parenting

Race to Recess: How Unstructured Play Helps Kids

One-third of children are overweight or obese, leaving room for a host of other health complications. So what can be done to help?

mom and daughter swinging
Kids and Parenting

A Parent’s Guide to Dietary Discussions

Knowing how to talk to a child about their health is key to empowering them to make smart choices. Here are tips on how to start a dialogue.

elderly woman holding adult woman's hands
Kids and Parenting

Who’s Caring for the Caregivers?

Taking care of a sick or elderly family members is an extremely noble act. But be careful not to abandon your own self care.

Image of two boys in a wagon, eating a strawberry and peach.
Kids and Parenting

Fight Childhood Obesity with Go, Glow and Grow Foods

The typical American diet favors convenience foods over health. The “go, glow and grow foods” concept can help kids make healthier choices.

what you need to know about measles
Kids and Parenting

What You Need to Know About Measles

Cases of the measles have been down in the United States since 2019, but the infectious viral disease should still be taken seriously.

Flu shot during Covid
Kids and Parenting

8 Things You Should Know About the Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is effective, does not cause the flu, and affects children and adults differently. Here are some other facts to know in order to stay protected.

Little girl smiling on her first day of school
Kids and Parenting

Helping Children Get Acquainted with a New School

A new school can be a hard transition for children, tweens and teens to navigate. Read up on ways to help your child build confidence this school year.

Sun in the sky
Kids and Parenting

5 Sun Safety Myths Debunked

These common sun safety misconceptions and facts can reduce your family’s risk of skin damage and other sun-related health hazards.

A Healthier Michigan Table Talks Discussing Dad Life
Kids and Parenting

Table Talks: Discussing Dad Life

Fatherhood poses unique challenges for men. From raising children to keeping themselves healthy, parenting is unlike any other experience.

Man picking strawberries in farm
Kids and Parenting

Strawberry Picking in Michigan: Why You Should Go & Tips For When You Do

Fresh Michigan strawberries are a wonderful summer treat, especially when you pick them yourself!

Three photos of a boy with autism growing up
Kids and Parenting

Autism Awareness Month: Jonathan’s Story

A Michigan mom shares the story of her family’s journey with autism and how she wants more understanding for people like her son.

Boy getting an eye exam at the optician
Kids and Parenting

What Age and How Often Should Kids Get an Eye Exam?

Visiting the eye doctor may seem intimidating, especially to kids, but it could make all the difference when testing for visual development and abnormalities.

Boy playing with building Blocks
Kids and Parenting

Toy Safety 101: Kid-Friendly Checklist

Are your child's toys safe? Each year, hundreds of thousands are hospitalized due to toy-related injuries.

Kids and Parenting

How to Help Your Child Make Healthy Eating Choices at School

How can you help kids make healthy choices when they buy lunch? It’s important to educate children on nutrition and how to make healthy decisions on their own.

Mother making school lunch to her children.
Kids and Parenting

Back-to-School: Backpack Health

As kids bring more and more home in their backpacks, make sure their backs stay healthy and strong by following these guidelines.

Little boy opening up peanuts to eat in a restaurant
Kids and Parenting

How to Teach Kids to Love Healthy Fats 

Kids are bombarded with advertisements for unhealthy food. Here’s how to teach them to love healthy fats.

Little boy getting vaccinated at the Pediatrician's office
Kids and Parenting

Immunization 101: The vaccines your child needs to stay healthy

August is National Immunization Awareness Month and we’re reminding parents about the immunizations that their kids need to stay healthy.

Mother applying tick repellent on son
Kids and Parenting

Bug off: Protect your family from insect bites this summer

Whether camping in the woods or gardening in the backyard, there will likely be mosquitos or ticks. Learn the best way to protect your family from bug bites.

Woman African American doctor general practitioner helping child to put nebulizer inhaler face mask. Asthma treatment for children.
Kids and Parenting

Differences in Chronic Asthma and Exercise-Induced Asthma in Children

Does your child suffer from chronic asthma or exercise-induced asthma? Read more to find out how you can help manage their symptoms.

Friends walking dog on the beach
Kids and Parenting

Fit Like Fido: 5 Healthy Habits You Can Learn From Your Dog

Your dog might slobber and snore, but it also lives a pretty healthy life. Here’s how to find inspiration from your pup to live your healthiest life.

Parents celebrating New Years Eve at home with kids, sitting by the Christmas tree, holding illuminative numbers 2021.
Kids and Parenting

The Joy of an Intimate, At-Home NYE Celebration

This New Year’s Eve will be different, but it doesn’t have to be any less fun. Here are some ideas for couples and families.

Cute 5 years old girl making cookies for Christmas with her mom.
Kids and Parenting

Activities for Holiday Fun with Your Kids

Children make the holidays brighter. Make sure you set aside some special activities just for them.

Cropped shot of a mother and daughter spending quality time while baking at home
Kids and Parenting

Is It Possible to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive This Year?

Big holiday gatherings are seen as high-risk in this COVID-19 era, so families are looking for new ways to keep traditions at the forefront.

Baby playing with gift box on the living room floor over christmas tree lights on background
Kids and Parenting

Keep Kids Safe This Holiday: 6 Household Hazards to Avoid

If you’re celebrating this holiday season with babies, toddlers, or small children, you’ll want to take extra precautions to keep them safe.

Family on Christmas shopping during Covid-19 pandemic
Kids and Parenting

How to Prepare Kids for a Different Kind of Holiday

Holidays will be different for many families this year. Helping children understand why and picking new ways to make them festive will make the difference.

Mother and daughter working homework together
Kids and Parenting

Recognizing and Managing Learning Disabilities in Students

Hear from Dr. Amy McKenzie on how to recognize and cope with students who are struggling with a learning disability.

Happy black family talking during Thanksgiving meal at dining table.
Kids and Parenting

Talking About Your Family’s Mental Health History

Finding out which mental health disorders could be in your family tree might take a little detective work but can be valuable information for your own health.

Young African American woman eagerly takes car key handed to her
Kids and Parenting

Talking to Kids About the Dangers of Drinking and Drugged Driving

Many children learn about alcohol and drugs a lot earlier than parents anticipate so having conversations about drinking and drugged driving is important.

Family gathered around a table
Kids and Parenting

4 Ways to Keep Anxiety Out of Your Holiday Planning

COVID-19 is putting a twist in holiday plans this year. But a little prep work ahead of time will make this year’s celebrations smoother.

New normal online Christmas celebration. Cute sibling using laptop and festive fun props to celebrate Christmas with father via video chat, happy holidays, outdoor
Kids and Parenting

Ideas to Keep the Family Connected this Holiday Season

From virtual chats decked out in your holiday best, to recipe swaps of your family’s favorites, there are ways to celebrate together while apart this season.

Man buckling up his daughter in the car
Kids and Parenting

Child Safety and Protection Month

November is Child Safety and Protection Month. It was created to raise awareness about the potential dangers that children face each and every day.

Mixed race young Asian children building tower with spaghetti and marshmallow learning remotely at home, STEM science, homeschooling education, Social distancing, isolation concept
Kids and Parenting

How to Work STEM/STEAM Lessons in at Home Using Household Items

You can encourage your children to do STEM/STEAM projects with things already in your kitchen, pantry and bathroom cupboards.

Banana slices covered with chocolate and nuts
Kids and Parenting

5 Healthy Desserts Your Kids Will Actually Love

A sweet or savory treat can be healthy with the right recipe. Check out a few of our favorite lighter-but-still-delicious treats.

New elbow greeting COVID-19 alternative handshakes
Kids and Parenting

The Importance of Kids Keeping Up with Friends During the Pandemic

Connections to friends are important for children’s development and mental health.

Girls loving this kind of exercises
Kids and Parenting

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Health officials recommend we don’t trick-or-treat in the traditional way, but there are some safer alternatives.

Pumpkins on the grass with face protective mask during Covid-19 pandemic
Kids and Parenting

Making Halloween Special, Spooky – and Safe!

While Halloween can still hold plenty of spooky fun for all, a few safety modifications will ensure everyone stays healthy and safe.

Father and son sitting on a couch
Kids and Parenting

Managing COVID-19 Disappointments for Kids 

Many children may be feeling disappointed with their current experience. There are ways to help guide children through their emotions.

Young adults reacting to a scary movie scene
Kids and Parenting

What Happens to Your Body When You Watch a Scary Movie?

Clowns, zombies and ghosts can have physical and psychological effects on your health. See what the “boos” are doing to you!

Teens at a bonfire
Kids and Parenting

UMatter: Helping Teens Connect During a Pandemic 

A recent survey showed that most teens have struggled with mental health issues during the pandemic. A Michigan-based organization is helping them connect.

Child sad from being bullied
Kids and Parenting

Seven Signs Your Child Might be the Victim of Bullying

Here are some important signs to see if your child is the victim of bullying.

fun family mealtime
Kids and Parenting

Helping Kids Understand Portion Sizes

Teach your child proper portion sizes with these fun tips and recipes!

Apple, Turkey and Cheese Pockets
Kids and Parenting

Cooking with Kids: Apple, Turkey and Cheese Pockets

Get children in the kitchen with this easy recipe. Young kids ages four to six can make this on their own for a quick bite to eat.

Latin family of five people, cooking spaghetti all together
Kids and Parenting

Keeping Your Kids Healthy: Good Habits Start Young

While your kids can create healthy habits at any age, it’s easiest to teach and instill habits if you get them started down the right path when they’re young.

Two girls cyberbullying individual girl
Kids and Parenting

How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

Do you think your child could be a victim of cyberbullying? Here’s what you can do.

Mother Helping Son With Homework Sitting At Desk In Bedroom
Kids and Parenting

5 Steps to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

By encouraging independence at a young age, you’ll shape your child’s personality and confidence. These 5 tips can help your child become more independent.

Mom making lunch with her daughter
Kids and Parenting

Back-to-School Lunch During COVID-19

Like everything else, school lunches might look different this year. Check out these tips to keep your child full and energized for optimal learning.

Closeup view of mother putting lunch box into her son's backpack
Kids and Parenting

Making Sure Back-to-School Lunches Keep Their Cool

Packing your kid’s lunch for school is a way to save money and keep lunch healthy. These safety tips will make sure the food stays good until lunchtime.

Child Eye Health - Young girl working on tablet
Kids and Parenting

Would You Know if Your Child Had Trouble Seeing?

Prepare for the start of school by checking in on your child’s eye health. Here are signs their vision isn’t 20/20 and what to do about it.

Little girl going to school with a mask on
Kids and Parenting

Help Kids Protect Themselves Against COVID-19 at School   

Kids heading back to school for face-to-face learning? Empower them to take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Little girl picking out school supplies with her mom, both wearing masks
Kids and Parenting

COVID-19: Things to Consider for Your Back-to-School Checklist

Back-to-school shopping will look and feel different this year. Here are a few items to add to your list for in-person and distance learning.

Woman spraying cleaner on door knob
Kids and Parenting

COVID-19 Home Cleaning Checklist

Standard cleaning practices may not be enough during the pandemic. Follow this checklist to properly disinfect your home.

Two mothers and babies on sofa, nursing
Kids and Parenting

Tools to Help Nursing Moms

If you have a nursing mom in your life, you can help her adjust to her new normal with a few helpful tools for her breastfeeding journey.

Father and son playing basketball
Kids and Parenting

Three Ways to Keep Kids Active Into Their Teens

Follow these tips to keep kids active in the age of technology.

Man with his senior mom
Kids and Parenting

5 Simple Ways to Show Your Parents Appreciation

If it’s been awhile since you’ve said thanks to your parents, there’s no time like the present. Here are some simple ways to show appreciation.

Small boy looking at butterfly through magnifying glass
Kids and Parenting

Fun Ways to Boost Summer Learning

Make summer schooling fun with these tips to help your child continue their education on vacation.

Fireworks Display over Detroit, Michigan
Kids and Parenting

How to Stay Safe on Independence Day

Fireworks are fun but proper safety precautions need to be taken to protect yourself from unnecessary injuries.

Dad comforting his son
Kids and Parenting

The Importance of Dads and Other Adults in Modeling Healthy Emotions for Boys

Trying to raise boys fully able to express their emotions in healthy ways? These tips can help.

Dad and daughter standup paddleboarding
Kids and Parenting

In Praise of #GirlDads and Empowering Father Figures

A salute to all the dads and father figures raising strong, confident girls.

dad teaching daughter how to ride a bike
Kids and Parenting

4 Bike Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Follow these four simple tips to keep your little ones safe this bike riding season.

Parents and children coloring pages together
Kids and Parenting

Educational Activities Kids Can Do at Home

Struggling to keep kids engaged while at home? Here's how to turn household activities into school-approved lessons.

Girl playing hopscotch and two kids cheering her on
Kids and Parenting

Blast from the Past: Old Throwback Games

A blast from the past that includes old school games that we all use to play outside during the summer and at recess.

Brianna Neace and her son
Kids and Parenting

Pandemic Parenting: It’s Not Perfect and That’s Okay

The struggle is real. Author Brianna Neace shares her take on parenting through a pandemic - the good, the messy and a healthy dose of grace and understanding.

Scavenger Hunt map laying in grass
Kids and Parenting

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

You can create a hunt that is kid-friendly or opt for a more difficult set of clues for adults. It really is whatever you decide.

person holding cupcake while having a video conference call
Kids and Parenting

How To Throw a Virtual Party

You can still have plenty of fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones by throwing a virtual party.

Dad and son on a nature walk
Kids and Parenting

Virtual Ways to Help your Kids Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day, which happens April 22, is the perfect time to educate your little ones about respecting nature and keeping our environment healthy.

Boy on a video chat with his class
Kids and Parenting

Distance Learning Tips from Michigan Teachers

Trying to navigate working from home and teaching your kids at the same time? These veteran Michigan teachers have tips and resources.

Woman looking in pantry
Kids and Parenting

Pantry Stocking Staples

If you’re like us, you always want to maximize your trips to the grocery store by buying food items that have a long shelf life and are versatile.

Family having a dance party in their living room.
Kids and Parenting

Keep Kids Moving at Home

Check out these fun, simple ideas to help kids work on cognitive, fitness and social skills at home.

Image of a dad making dinner with his son.
Kids and Parenting

Tips for Making Healthy Dinners for Kids

Dinnertime is a great moment to talk to your kids about their day, share funny stories, and introduce them to new foods.

Little girl holding paper with an F on it.
Kids and Parenting

Helping Kids Navigate Academic Stress

The drive to succeed academically may be good to an extent, but it can also lead to an insatiable desire for perfection where a B can be devastating.

Mother and Baby
Kids and Parenting

How Receiving Health Care Through Your Pregnancy Can Help You Avoid Complications

Every year around 700 women die from complications around pregnancy and that risk triples if you are an African American, American Indian or Alaska Native woman.

Three teams in Grand Rapids Playing Human Hungry Hungry Hippos on Ice
Kids and Parenting

MI Sporting Events to Inspire You in February

While we can’t change the weather, we can choose to make the most of it. In fact, there are plenty of events all around the state to take part in.

Folic acid foods including beans, pasta, cereal, avocado and broccoli sit on a table
Kids and Parenting

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About Folic Acid

Folic acid can prevent major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine.

stress free family gatherings
Kids and Parenting

The Stress-Free Way to Host a Huge Family Gathering

Here are some simple tips for lowering stress when hosting family gatherings around the holidays.

girl holding peanut
Kids and Parenting

Taking Caution with Food Allergies

Allergic reactions range from a mild skin rash to anaphylactic shock, requiring immediate medical attention.

Parents and daughter picking out decorations
Kids and Parenting

The Best Gift of the Holiday Season: Tradition

Ultimately, it’s not the gifts you remember, but the people and experiences you shared that live on for years to come.

Smiling female caregiver embracing happy senior woman in nursing home
Kids and Parenting

How to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey

Caregiving is a unique role that requires patience, discipline and trust. Here are seven tips on how to manage one's new responsibilities.

Fanned book
Kids and Parenting

How Reading Can Boost Your Mental Health

Did you know that reading has health benefits associated with it? Read on to find out what those benefits include.

Woman in back seat of rideshare
Kids and Parenting

How to Stay Safe Using Ride-Hailing Apps

You can minimize the risk by taking basic precautions. Here are some tips to keep you safe in your next ride-hailing service.

Woman pushing her mom in a wheelchair
Kids and Parenting

Even Heroes Need Encouragement

In this post from the Area Agency on Aging 1-B, find out why caregivers deserve our respect as the heroes they are.

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