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‘Alcohol is Not Your Friend:’ BCBSM Medical Director of Behavioral Health Digs into His Passion for Advocating Against Alcohol Abuse

Dr. William T. Beecroft has advocated against alcohol abuse for much of his 40-plus-year health care career. Here, he reflects and shares some candid thoughts.

Health and Wellness

Health Benefits of Wallyball

Looking for fun activities this winter? Stop your search at wallyball. Similar to volleyball, this fast-paced indoor sport has plenty of health benefits to offer.

5 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts  
Health and Wellness

8 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

The holidays are as stressful as they are joyous. When it comes to shopping, traveling, decorating and family time, here are ways to mitigate the stress.


5 Winter Things to Do in Michigan

Activities are easier to come by in the summer than in the winter. We know this. But exciting winter activities in Michigan aren't as limited as you may think. Here are five fun ideas.

Vegan Thanksgiving spread from Detroit Street Filling Station
Food and Recipes

Vegan Thanksgiving: Metro Detroit Restaurants, Food Trucks With 2023 Holiday Menus

Detroit area vegans rejoice! There’s a long list of metro Detroit and Michigan restaurants offering 100% plant-based Thanksgiving meals.


How to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in Michigan

November is Native American Heritage Month. These Michigan sites and landmarks celebrate the rich and important history of Native Americans. Check out this list of Native American-owned businesses to support as well.

Pros and Cons of Vegan Cheese
Food and Recipes

Pros and Cons of Vegan Cheese

Thinking of switching to vegan cheese? The plant-based product has its fair share of health advantages compared to dairy cheese. But it has its drawbacks, too.


Metropolitan Bar + Kitchen Owner Proves You Don't Have to Drink to Run a Successful Bar

Seven years ago, Ashley Price decided to stop drinking. Now the owner of a popular bar in Detroit's West Village, Price is proving you don’t have to drink alcohol to run a successful bar.


Falls 5Ks in Michigan

Are you ready to run this fall? The list of 5Ks happening all across Michigan in October and November is long. Here's where they are and how to sign up.

Health and Wellness

What is Intuitive Eating?

When you eat intuitively, you listen to your body. You trust it to let you know when you are full and satisfied. You also reject the new fad diet of the month. Here are the benefits and risks.

Some of Michigan’s best and longest-running haunted houses are opening back up for the fall season. Check out this list of 15 of the scariest haunted attractions the state. Happy haunting! 

15 of the Best Haunted Houses in Michigan 

Michigan is home to some of the most creative, elaborate and downright horrifying haunted houses in the country. Here are 15 of the best!

Health and Wellness

How I Stay Healthy in College

School is back and so is the juggling act that comes with life on campus for college students. BCBSM'S 2023 corporate communications interns recently shared their diet, exercise and self-care regimens.


More or Less Non-Alcoholic Store Brings Inclusivity to Grand Rapids Consumers

Whether you don't drink any alcohol or you want to go N/A for a certain upcoming occasion, More or Less in Grand Rapids has something for you. The store's owners built their brand with inclusivity in mind, and it's working.

A woman weeds her garden.

Get Your Garden Ready for the Fall with These Tips 

Between weeding, relocating certain plants and testing soil, your garden needs a lot of maintenance at the end of the summer. These seven tips should help.

Oak Park Dry is part coffeehouse, part dry bar and part music venue.

Dry Bars are Rare in Michigan. But There’s One Inside This Oak Park Coffeehouse.  

For Oak Park and Berkley locals, Oak Park Dry is quickly becoming a go-to spot for great music, great coffee and great N/A mixed drinks.

There are more than a few iconic ice cream spots that Michigan families flock to each summer. These shops have enjoyed sustained success for their quality and service. How many of these eight have you visited, and how many more would you like to check out?  
Food and Recipes

8 Iconic Michigan Ice Cream Parlors to Visit 

From the upper peninsula all the way down to Jackson, Michigan is dripping with iconic ice cream parlors. How many of these eight spots have you tried?

Jackson’s Zero Bar & Lounge owners pose for a photo in front of their new mobile bar.

Jackson’s Zero Bar & Lounge Brings the Party to Michigan Events and Celebrations Without Alcohol 

One had the dream, one had the drinks: the woman-owned Zero Bar & Lounge adds to the growing list of alcohol-free social options in Michigan.

Looking for the best fireworks in Michigan in 2022? There are destination fireworks displays and festivals all over the state between June 24 and July 4.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Michigan: 12 Displays to Check Out in 2023

Looking for the best fireworks in Michigan in 2023? There are destination fireworks displays and festivals all over the state between June 26 and July 4.

A woman examines sunscreen brands at the store.

Does Sunscreen Expire?  

Sunscreen can lose its efficacy when improperly stored or owned for too long. Soak up this information so you can soak up the sun safely!

Juneteenth in Detroit

Detroit Juneteenth Celebrations in 2023

Metro Detroiters can meaningfully celebrate Juneteenth in Detroit in a multitude of ways, from festivals to special dinners to educational events.


Absence of Proof Detroit Appeals to Detroit’s Sober Curious Crowd with Non-Alcoholic Events 

Absence of Proof offers “a night off of drinking.” The NYC-based company is now in Detroit with pop-up hangout options for the sober curious.

Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?

Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?

On top of growing your own food and plants, you could be relieving stress and improving your attention span every time you get in the garden.

A mother and daughter enjoy a meal of chicken wings together.
Home and Family

Mother’s Day 2023: Michigan Events to Celebrate with Mom This Year 

From Detroit to Holland to Kalamazoo, there are Mother’s Day markets, outdoors events and live shows happening all over Michigan in 2023.

Young adults toast to a good meal while eating outdoors at a restaurant and drinking mocktails.

Sober Curious Series: Spotlighting Michigan Dry Bars, Businesses and Social Networks  

In 2023, AHM will dig deeper into Michigan’s sober curious movement. Dry bars, alcohol-free pop-ups, N/A products and mocktail menus are all on tap.

Notable Cinco de Mayo celebrations across Michigan are regaining full strength after two abbreviated years of balancing safety and fun amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Across Michigan in 2023

No matter where you live in Michigan, family-friendly Cinco de Mayo celebrations are happening across the state between April 29 and May 7.

A woman at the gym has a discussion with a personal trainer.

Signs You Might Need a Personal Trainer 

Personal training may be worth looking into if you recently recovered from an injury, need help with form or have certain fitness goals in mind.

Eva Martin poses for a photo with caretakers at Crestwood Village Assisted Living.

102-year-old Detroit Baseball Superfan is with Team Through ‘Good and the Bad’ 

The Detroit Tigers may not be a dominant force in Major League Baseball in 2023, but 102-year-old Eva Martin will be watching anyway.

A man shops for energy drinks.
Food and Recipes

Is There a Healthy Energy Drink?

Some trendy new energy drinks market themselves as healthier alternatives to the brands we’ve come to know. Are they actually healthy, though?

Young woman speaks with a counselor.

Forming a Healthy Relationship with Food: West Michigan Dietitian Discusses Keys to Conquer an Eating Disorder

Finding “food freedom” should be a goal for anyone battling an eating disorder, according to an experienced dietician from West Michigan.

Do I Need to See the Doctor if I Have a Cold?
Home and Family

Do I Need to See a Doctor if I Have a Cold?

Most bouts with a cold can be handled at home, but other times your body may send warning signs that professional medical help is needed.

A food sensitivity test tube is pictured above a table full of food.

What is a Food Sensitivity Test?

Food sensitivity tests may give us clues about what causes certain digestive issues. But they are not FDA-approved. So how accurate are they?

Second Baptist Church and the Alger Theater represent two of the most historic sites in Detroit in terms of significant Black history.

7 Detroit Black History Sites to Visit 

These historic Detroit sites and landmarks document both the triumphs and hardships of Black Americans who have ties to the city.

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  

It might be time to shop for winter hats, scarves, jackets and boots if you haven’t already. Here are the best fabrics out there to keep you warm this winter.

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