Ideas for a Healthy and Happy Mother’s Day

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A family of three jokes and has fun while baking in the kitchen.
Mother’s Day is an opportunity for us to honor our mothers for all they’ve done – also a perfect time to just celebrate life with your family.
A big shout out to all of the hard-working, patient, forgiving and understanding mommies out there. Mother’s Day in 2023 falls on May 14. Here are some family-oriented ways to celebrate mom this year.

Eat healthy together

This signifies unity and is a great way to socialize, especially on special occasions like Mother’s Day. It can sometimes be used as an excuse to eat favorite, non-healthy foods as well, but moms: let’s be role models for our families and ask that Mother’s Day be a healthy one.
If brunch is your choice, there are a lot of foods that can throw you off track, calorie wise. Here are some healthier options for a brunch buffet:
  • Eggs or omelets (preferably egg whites if made to order is an option)
  • Lean ham
  • Turkey bacon
  • Veggie or turkey sausage
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Low-sugar oatmeal

Picnic in the park

If you decide to do a picnic lunch, here are some healthy choices to pack up for mom on her special day:
  • Pita chips and salsa with some low-fat string cheese
  • Veggies with some dip (non-fat sour cream mixed with dry ranch pack)
  • Chicken or steak kabobs – add any vegetable you desire
  • Lean hamburgers or turkey dogs on whole wheat buns
  • Pasta salad with lots of veggies and a non or low-fat Italian dressing
  • Potato salad with veggies and a light or reduced calorie mayo (add some mustard for extra flavor and less calories)
  • Angel food cake with fresh strawberries and lite or non-fat Cool Whip
  • Sugar free Jell-O with fresh fruit and lite or non-fat Cool Whip
Whether it’s a picnic or a nice meal at home, use this time to start a new tradition and do some sort of activity before and/or after you eat. Going to the zoo for picnics to celebrate Mother’s Day is a fun spring idea., because you can eat and then walk around for a bit. That’s a way to bond and burn calories at the same time!

Don’t forget your walking shoes

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, keep these activities in mind to get you moving. You can coordinate contests and challenges with the whole family:
  • Wii or another interactive video game system
  • Twister
  • Charades
  • Dance
  • Hula Hoop
  • Limbo

Show me the love

Mother’s Day may include some special presents for mom, and a healthy gift lets her know that you want her to be around for many years to come. Here are some healthy gift ideas for this year:
  • Fruit baskets/Edible Arrangements
  • Flower bulbs or flats
  • Plant seeds
  • Potted herbs, include a recipe
  • Pedometer
  • Gift certificate to a fitness class
  • Hugs
  • House chore coupons
To all the mothers, mothers-to-be and grandmothers out there – have a beautiful day!
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